Chata Tollendorf

Few words about us

We would like to welcome you in our small family pension called Chata Tollendorf which is located in dorp Rozhled close to pictoresque town Jiřetín pod Jedlovou in North Bohemia. The name of our pension is based on original German title for dorp Rozhled – Tollendorf, which is firstly mentioned in 1471. Pension is located in the heart of Lusatian Mountains, right under the peak of Jedlová and romantic ruin of Tolštejn. We are also the starting point for exploring the natural phenomena of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland.

For winter lovers we are ideally located just under the slope of the biggest ski resort of Lusatian Mountains – Jedlová, which offers two ski slopes in length of 1200m, several ski loipes in area of Jedlová and other things to do. For enthusiasts of adrenalin activities – we are neighbouring with adrenalin park Jedlová in which is found huge seesaw, climbing wall, downhill on push scooters and besides that countless of biking trails in wide surrounding.

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Krajina podél Labe na severu Čech má svůj nezaměnitelný půvab. Nejvyhledávanější lokalitou jsou malebné Lužické hory. Zázemí pro výlety hledejte na ubytování Jiřetín pod Jedlovou nebo na ubytování Lužické horyDalší tipy najdete na ubytování Ústecký kraj a na portálu Č .