For Adrenalin Lovers 

Chata Tollendorf is located just a short distance from the adventure park Jedlová, which is becoming more and more popular year after year. Adventure park Jedlová offers a wide range of summer and winter activities. The summer activities include, for example, a giant swing where you can enjoy a free fall, a downhill scooter rental, a rope center, a climbing wall, or also a downhill tricycle. On the contrary, in the winter months, there are two slopes with a length of 1200 meters with a ski lift and also several cross-country tracks or snowpark.

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For Cycling Lovers 

Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland, the Lusatian, and the Zittau Mountains offer a variety of picturesque and variously challenging cycling routes. Chata Tollendorf is ideally located for exploring all of these nooks. We know that you care about your two-wheeled friends and therefore we offer them lockable storage.

In case of interest, we can arrange a bike rental for 15€/day or slightly more comfortable e-bikes for 25€/day.

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For Beer Lovers 

For the lovers of this delicious drink, there are several breweries in our area that have been on the market for several years and have gained a very strong position. The nearest brewery in our neighborhood is the Falkenštejn Brewery located in Krásná Lípa (the center of Bohemian Switzerland), which started its beer production in 2013. Since then, it has been collecting one award after another and it is indeed a very good beer. Another famous brewery in the town of Varnsdorf is the Kocour Brewery, which has been operating since 2008 and has spread over time to all parts of the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Kocour Brewery Falkenštejn Brewery

For Relaxation Lovers   

In this case, we would like to allow you to take to the nearby border area, more specifically in the picturesque little town of Bad Schandau, which is a short drive away from us. It is one of the most beautiful towns along the River Elbe. Among other things, there are the thermal baths "Toscana" in which is a large sauna world or also so-called "flowing sound" where you float in the water in statelessness and listen to relaxing music.

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